After watching it twice, I still have no idea how this kid got his brother out from under that dresser. 

Talk about a twin dresser. Am I right?

*laughs, sighs, hangs head in shame

I have twin boys, so I am more than familiar with the shenanigans two younglings can get into once they join forces. I remember being confused as to how they would accomplish things, like getting in each others' cribs, when we weren't around. Eventually, we would figure out how they did all their little tricks, but we were still pretty impressed by how quickly kids figure things out, and at how foolishly brave little ones can be.

Case in point -- this video. These two littles try to pull some American Ninja Warrior doubles s--- with their dresser and kaboom. I thought watching that thing fall on the little guy was as bad as it would get, but then his brother does a slo-mo 'Dukes of Hazzard' over the top of it. That was worse.

Somehow, the one little dude was able to push the dresser just enough for the other to get free, which is still kind of confusing. It doesn't look like it should work, and then the kid is free. Either way, the boys escaped without a scratch on them according to their father. Let that be a lesson to you noob parents -- anchor your kids' dressers to the wall.

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