Guys, we need to talk. Some of it is about the story that says 22 dead bodies were found in the Flint River, one of whom may be Jimmy Hoffa, but most of it is about you.

I can't believe that I even have to write about something this stupid, but I keep seeing this article show up in my timeline. Let's get right into it -- did authorities discover the cause of the water crisis was 22 bodies that were in the Flint River and was one of the Jimmy Hoffa? No, no, and f*** no.

Seriously, you guys believe this crap? I don't know how often we have to go into this but not everything on Facebook is true. Hell, most things aren't. A few years ago, I put together a comprehensive guide on how to spot a news story on the interwebs, but this one is so clearly fake that no one should've needed it. Here are some things in just the Facebook link that should've set off your BS detector:

  1. The fact that it actually says "Jimmy Hoffa Found?" in the featured image.
  2. The fact that it says dead bodies were the source of water contamination. Something in the Flint River is not what caused our water problems. We know what caused the issues and that is not a mystery. Try to pay attention.
  3. Since when have you ever seen that News 4 logo? That is not a local news affiliate... hell, it's not anyone's local news affiliate.

If that's not enough to make you realize this is a dumb fake story, just check Snopes, or, better yet, head to News 4's homepage where you'll find great 100% real true stories like these beauties:


Seriously, you guys. If we can't take one look at these stories and immediately call bulls***, how are we ever going to solve any of our real problems? If you shared the 22 dead bodies story and believed it -- you should be ashamed of yourself. There's enough misinformation going around without you adding to it. Get it together.

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