Urban Dictionary doesn’t hold anything back when describing places in Michigan.

For those that may not know, urbandictionary.com is a site you can go to and find the definitions for slang words, phrases, acronyms, and more that are used in society today. If you are having trouble keeping up with your teenager and don’t know what the hell they are saying, urbandictionary.com has the answers you are looking for.

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After starting in 1999, the site was designed to simply give the definitions of slang terms and has since grown to contain over 12 million definitions of pretty much anything under the sun. That includes definitions and descriptions of cities and states.

So for reasons I can’t explain, I decided to look up a few Michigan-based words to see how they were defined and ended up typing in the names of a bunch of Michigan cities. Those are listed for you below.

For example purposes, the definition of “Michigan” from Urban Dictionary is as follows:

A magical place where one day it's 80℉ and sunny, and the next day is 30℉ and snowy. Also, the people wear short sleeves and shorts when it's 50℉.

Bob: Why is Jacob wearing shorts? It's fucking freezing out!

Sam: Dude, chill, he's from Michigan.

“Michigander” and “Upper Peninsula” also have some funny definitions as well and those are included below. Also, don’t take this as a chance to get butthurt (“butthurt” – being offended and holding a grudge.) Don’t take this too seriously, it is just a website.

Source: Urban Dictionary 

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