We finally get a look at Rob Zombie's new movie '31,' and if you're a fan of his previous, white trash slashers -- you'll probably dig this too.

I like Rob Zombie's stuff. I respect him as an artist, but after his first couple of films I got tired of seeing the same characters regurgitated over and over. There always the creepy, hillbilly killer dude, at least one rocker chick, the 1970s, and his wife. If we're checking boxes while watching the new '31' trailer  -- looks like the whole gang's here.

'House of 1,000 Corpses' was my favorite, even though the Texas Chainsaw-esque film wasn't as original its sequel, which many consider the high water mark in Rob Zombie's filmography. Even though this new one has some easily recognizable influences -- it's basically 'The Running Man' meets 'The Purge' -- it looks like it could be his best to date.... even if our main villain is doing his best white trash Joker. We'll find out for sure in September.