Four cows were recently killed after some morons shot fireworks out of their vehicle while driving by a pasture.

According to ABC12, the cows were discovered early Saturday morning just before 5. The fireworks also caused the grass in the pasture to catch fire, causing damage to ten calf hutches. The incident took place in Ubly around 1 am.

It's not said exactly how the cows/calves were killed. I don't know if the fire is what killed the cows or if they were just scared to death or what exactly happened. I don't know much about cows so I don't understand how they would die just from someone driving by shooting fireworks. Either way, it was a pretty shi**y thing to do to a farmer and his livelihood.

I'm sure this was just a bunch of young punks thinking it would be funny to scare the cows or whatever. I don't know what their intentions were but they weren't good that's for sure. Kids are dumb and do dumb things but it's no excuse. If adults were behind the incident, then they really scumbags and really know better. At the end of the day, people suck.

It's believed theses tool bags were driving in a small vehicle.

If you know anything about this case, contact Deputy Todd Laming at 810-648-2000 ext. 2.

Source: ABC12 & WDIV

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