A 4-year-old little girl tragically lost her life this morning at 3 am after the go-kart she was riding in crashed into a parked car.

According to Fox2, the child's 29-year-old father, who was also injured, was taking the girl for a ride when he lost control and hit a parked car. Police say the little girl had blunt force trauma to her head and died later at the hospital.

I know you're asking yourself the same question I am. Why in the world would a father take his 4-year-old on a joy ride in a go-kart at 3 am? Like the father and neighbor in the video below said, "it's ridiculous." No sober father in his right mind would do something like this with his child. So, yes, I'm jumping to conclusions by saying he was probably drunk or on something. Again, that's just my theory.

Detroit police are investigating the incident which happened in the 19800 block of St. Mary's Street, a neighborhood near Seven Mile and Greenfield.