Banana 101.5 is hosting our first ever Curling Tournament this Saturday at The Barn in Fenton. If you have never 'Curled' before - no worries. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

If you are not familiar with Curling, check out the video above. Myself, Tony LaBrie, Chris Monroe and some friends tried it a few weeks ago. We loved it. If you need some additional reasons why you should be in this tournament, I have you covered. Here are my top 5 reasons for you to be in the Banana 101.5 Curling Tournament.

1. The tournament is at a bar. This is a sport you can play while you drink.


2.  It is free. There is NO CHARGE for you and your partner to Curl.


3. You can make up a cool team name like 'The Short & Curlers' or 'Larry, Moe & Curlers', 'The Curling Irons' or how about 'The Curl Necklaces'? Trust me I have plenty of team names if you need one.

4. Prizes include Amazon Echo(s), concert tickets and more.


5. Tequila. Again, the tournament is at a bar.


I look forward to seeing you this Saturday at The Barn. For more information on the tournament, and to sign up your team of two, click here.