It's the most wonderful time of the year - or is it?

Truth be told the holiday season is stressful for many people because of an issue with family in general, or one specific family member. You may find this hard to believe (wink) but not all families sing Christmas carols by the fire, drink hot chocolate, and tell one another how much they are loved. That only happens in the movies.

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We are not saying that all families do not get along, I get along great with my family. But as a rule of thumb, if you don't see eye to eye on a certain issue with your family members, do not discuss that particular topic. Save yourself the aggravation. Maybe you have no intention of bringing up politics, but Uncle Bill (or whomever) won't leave the subject alone. Do not engage, walk away.

You may have guessed that politics is on our list of topics to avoid at your family holiday party or Christmas dinner. We don't want to hear about how much cousin Karen misses Donald Trump in office and we also don't want to hear Grandpa Bill talking about how much he loves President Joe Biden. We want to eat, drink, repeat. Is that so wrong?

Presents are the only thing that needs to be opened at a Christmas party, not a can of worms. Here is to all the holier-than-thou family members keeping their traps shut this Christmas. Can we get an amen?

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