Not only did this little 9-year-old boy save a little girl that was struggling while swimming at an Oakland County lake but he also helped save two other kids that were in trouble.

According to Fox2, Bentley Garcia said it's scary when he thinks back on what happened. He was at a crowded beach at Holly Rec Area in northern Oakland County with his little sister when he noticed a swimmer struggling at the drop-off.

She was going up and down, up and down, she was trying to yell for help. I was trying to get her, my feet were digging into the sand, and I could barely reach it.

Even though it was super hard for Garcia, he did everything he could to push her to shore.

To make things even more intense, as soon as they got to shore, he noticed two other kids that were struggling in the same spot the little girl was in. Instead of taking on the task himself, he yelled for his mother to come help. Those boys also made it safely to shore.

The parents of the little girl and their two little boys said I'm a little hero

It's hard for a grown adult to sometimes find the courage to do something heroic like this much less a child. It seems like this kid acted without even thinking about it.

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