The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is set to sell off more land in the state.

Coming up in August and September the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will be selling parcels of land in the state. These 97 properties will be available for private ownership and will be sold through online auctions.

To sell the land, 14 different online auctions will take place with the first starting on August 2nd, 2021. The auctions will feature available properties from 19 different Michigan counties with the largest parcels of land being found in Clare, Lake, and Menominee counties.

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The scheduled auctions are as follows:

  • August 2nd - Benzie County
  • August 3rd - Chippewa and Mackinac Counties
  • August 4th - Menominee County
  • August 6th - Kalkaska and Roscommon Counties
  • August 12th - Alcona County
  • August 16th - Mason County
  • August 17th - Clare, Lake, and Newaygo Counties
  • August 24th - Berrien County
  • August 25th - Mecosta County
  • August 26th - Allegan and Kent Counties
  • August 27th - Midland County
  • August 31st - Huron County
  • September 2nd - Saginaw County
  • September 3rd - Genesee County

What properties are available in Genesee County?

Here are the four properties that are up for grabs in the auction coming up on September 3rd. The properties include the regular vacant lots and one commercial vacant lot.

  • Small commercial vacant lot - M-21 and Morrish Road
    • Parcel ID - 04-14-400-006
    • Minimum Bid: $360,000
  • Small sliver of property on Pasadena Ave in Flint
    • Parcel ID: 46-35-483-024
    • Minimum Bid: $550
  • Small partially paved parcel in Flint
    • Parcel ID: 41-18-476-025
    • Minimum Bid: $1,455
  • Vacant lot on Carment Street in Burton
    • Parcel ID: 59-30-578-024
    • Minimum Bid: $3,170

To see all of the properties in Genesee County and the rest of Michigan that are up for grabs in these auctions, click here. 

Source: Michigan DNR

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