It is nice to be writing about something other than coronavirus, or another cancellation due to the pandemic. Today has nothing to do with either, today is International Friendship Day. Not to be confused with National Friendship Day, that is this Sunday, August 2nd.

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I am lucky enough to still be friends with girls I went to high school with. We may not talk everyday, but when we get together it is like no time passed at all. Obviously since high school, I have made new friends too, and I am so appreciative have them in my life.

There are two other friendships I am grateful for - my friendships with Tony LaBrie and Chris Monroe. I know not everyone gets along with their co-workers, so I am truly thankful that we are so close. I asked Chris Monroe what it is like being friends with me he said 'no comment'.

I wanted to ask Tony LaBrie as well, but he is out of town. I have a feeling he would say something like this,

'Being friends with Maggie is like being on a roller coaster, drunk. It's fun, but sometimes there is puke. She is never at a loss for a smart remark, or a shot of tequila. She is a friend that will stick with you to the end, just like her eyelashes I find stuck to my toilet seat from time to time.'

Wow, I could not have said it better myself, wait I just did. Take a few minutes today and reach out to one or more of your friends. A text, or a call will go along way.

Happy International Friendship Day.

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