This 8 bedroom, 4 bathroom mansion – nicknamed “Sweet Hollow” - was built on 27 acres in 1938 by attorney Francis Plimpton. He included a dollhouse in the back for the kids to play in. When Francis passed away in 1982, his wife continued living there until she passed in 1995.

Then along in the 2000s came dermatologist Michael Gladstein. He purchases the mansion and he and his wife Marilyn settle in.

According to ABC 30 News, in late summer 2010, fire alarms were set off and firefighters went rushing to the scene at 168 Chichester Road in Huntington, New York. Upon arriving and entering, the firefighters realized they needed hazmat suits and respirators thanks to the intense odor of urine and ammonia. In fact, it was the offensively strong vapors that made the fire alarm go off.

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Searching the premises, they discovered the floors were rotting from too much urine, They also found 115 dogs, three goats, one pony and a cat, all sick and malnourished. 30 dogs were found dead – some piled in the sink and others in the bathtub. The pony's hooves were so overgrown and uncared for, they almost looked like human feet. A hacksaw was used to trim the hooves.

The Gladsteins were both arrested, faced felony charges, and the house was condemned. They were arraigned on a count of 'aggravated animal cruelty'. Prosecutors requested the Gladsteins fork over $142,000 for care for the rescued animals.

The house went up for sale for 1.7 million dollars.

Dr. Gladstein still practices dermatology in New York..

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WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

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