Are you one lock of hair away from having your very own 'life like' Kid Rock doll? Do you live, eat, drink and breathe everything KR? If so, ABC is looking for you! The TV network will soon be airing a new show called 'Big Fan'. The first thing I thought of was the MTV show 'Fanatic'. I was actually one of five finalists for the Bon Jovi 'Fanatic' episode. I did not win (I can't believe it either).

'Big Fan' will be different than 'Fanatic', if you make the cut, you will be competing against other super fans - to the death. Just kidding. Each episode will feature a different celebrity and three nut jobs, I mean super fans. Kid Rock will be one of the celebrities featured. So do you think you have what it takes? Are you a Kid Rock stalker, I mean fan? You can sign up for the show here. The grand prize winner receives a basement makeover complete with a hole to stuff Kid Rock into, a basket and a year supply of lotion. Wah wah! Good luck!