Something is up at The Today Show. Ever since they returned from their hard-hitting Olympics coverage in London, it seems like Al Roker has been getting sassier by the day.

Last week, Free Beer and the guys talked about Roker calling out Matt Lauer and watched a clip where Roker seemed to suggest that Lauer threw former Today co-anchor Ann Curry (and good friend of Roker) “under the bus,” in reference to her recent demotion. The awkward moment definitely spread around the Internet, with many gossip news sites picking it up.

According to the latest clip from Today, Roker is still rollin’ on that sass train. This time, his target was Savannah Guthrie. In Roker’s defense, she did say something really stupid. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it seems like Guthrie is trying a little too hard to go for a freewheeling, loose cannon vibe to replace the more staid, respected journalist aura that Curry left behind.

And Roker’s having none of it.

Check out that face! I think Al even stops breathing:

A just in case you missed the video of Roker calling out Matt Lauer, here ya go: