All That Remains continue to roll out the specifics for their new album Madness. They issued a couple of songs earlier this year. Loudwire recently premiered the lyric video for one of those songs, the title track, earlier this week, and you can now also check out a lyric video for "Safe House" above.  In addition, the group has also revealed the track listing and album art, both of which can be seen below, for the Madness album, which is due April 28 via Razor & Tie.

The band has explored various styles, sometimes drawing criticism for doing so. Frontman Phil Labonte says, “Our goal has always been to write songs that we like. All That Remains has seen a lot of criticism about the songs that we’ve written and what people think we’re supposed to do."

Labonte continues, "We started as a very underground death metal kind of band. We’ve since moved away from that and have never apologized for it. The music we’ve written has been reflective of that and I think the lyrics, the ideas, have always been reflective of that as well.”

This time around there's plenty of variety from intense metal to accessible rock along with some electronic samples. “We really wanted this record to be different,” Labonte reveals. “We wanted to really push ourselves and push the boundaries of what we’re allowed to do. We’ve always pushed that envelope, but we wanted to push it more.”

Labonte is a polarizing figure not afraid to ruffle feathers and speak his mind. As to how he would like to be viewed, Labonte says, “I want to be the guy that really challenges people’s ideas. I’m f--king punk rock. Punk rock hasn’t been punk rock for 30 years. For too long metal has been bulls--t, milky pandering crap. What happened to metal? What happened to punk rock? What happened to being anti-establishment? I wanna bring that all back.”

All That Remains will start playing shows in support of Madness next month. They have a variety of festivals, a couple of dates with Korn and other live dates. Check out their schedule here.


All That Remains - Madness Track Listing

1. "Safe House"
2. "Madness"
3. "Nothing I Can Do"
4. "If I'm Honest"
5. "Halo"
6. "Louder"
7. "River City"
8. "Open Grave"
9. "Far From Home"
10. "Trust and Believe"
11. "Back to You"
12. "Never Sorry"
13. "The Thunder Rolls"

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