This past week, my Facebook feed has been filled with something else other than politics - I am talking about 'Hamilton' the musical. It is now streaming on Disney Plus and people are losing it.

It was a big topic at my family Fourth of July get together. My sisters, nieces, and nephews could not believe that Uncle Maggie has not watched 'Hamilton'. Guess what? I don't want to.

As much as I love music, I do not like musicals. Quite frankly, I despise them. I have tried to sit through them live, or even on TV - it is just not my thing. I find it bizarre when someone is speaking, and then breaks into a song. That does not happen in real life.

Sure you may hum or sing a tune, but when you are working do you all of a sudden start singing to ask what everyone is doing for lunch? I didn't think so. Although, that would make the workday less mundane.

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In case you are not aware, the 'Hamilton' that is streaming features the original Broadway cast, including creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. I know how talented he is. I have watched him on television interviews. I like him, I just don't like musicals.

I feel like maybe I want to watch, but it is over 2 hours. Is this the musical that could change my mind about musicals? If you are a fan, tell me why I should watch it. If you are like me and are on the fence, share your thoughts too.

Who knows, I could soon be writing a post about how much I loved 'Hamilton', or not.

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