Finally a story that will make you feel confident that there's still some good people in this world.

A patron was eating breakfast at Detroit's Parks & Rec Diner this past Saturday when he or she decided to pay for everyone's breakfast. Before anyone even knew what happened, the stranger was gone.

Here's what the restaurant posted on their Facebook page:

On February 11 a really amazing thing happened at P&R.

We hosted a special person who, after completing a breakfast, secretly bought a morning meal for everyone in the Diner. Our remaining guests were surprised to discover that their bills had been paid when they asked for their tabs.

The guest, requesting to remain anonymous, had paid for their meals, included gratuity for our server, and then just slipped out the door.

We are touched by the generosity of strangers and love the "Pay it Forward" spirit making Detroit a unique place.

Thank you so much to the anonymous guest who made so many other people have an even more fantastic Saturday morning, but also made all of the staff at P&R over the moon.

This isn't the biggest news story in the world but it just feels so good to post something positive for a change.




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