Remember when weekends used to be exciting? Friday nights at a concert, a local bar, a first date on a Saturday night, or a house party with friends. Those were the good old days.

We are forced to get creative in terms of 'fun' now. I am sick of eating for fun. I still enjoy drinking for fun though - shocker. All kidding aside, what are you doing for fun? I need new weekend activities, other than scrolling social media, and yes - drinking.

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I know there has been an increase in puzzle sales, but I don't have a puzzle, and truthfully I don't want to put a puzzle together.Same deal on board games, I don't have any. I was all about Zoom happy hours, or face time chats with friend early on, but I am over that too. I don't trust myself to shop on line. Reading is an option, and it's free. Walking is also free. It is totally okay to walk with a drink, just saying.

Sure there are plenty of chores I could do. I need to wash patio furniture, I could power wash my deck - but that does not sound like fun. Once the weekend hits, I don't feel like working. Unfortunately, a lot of busy work around the house is ALL there is to do. So I will clean my patio furniture, and maybe even vaccum my driveway. I saw my neighbor (my mother) doing that last weekend, not kiddng.

I do need to go to the grocery store, so that will kill an hour or two. You know it is a crazy time when a trip to the grocery store is a big deal. Still not a big enough deal to wear make-up. Wait, that would give me something to do, put on make-up. That sounds lame too.

I guess there is a lot more to do than I thought. You know what, the weekends aren't so bad after all. If staying home another weekend keeps me safe and healthy, I am all in.


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