It was like seeing a dinosaur.

When I pulled into my driveway Monday night after work, I could see something on the ground next to the mailbox. As I walked toward it, I could not believe my eyes. Some of you (depending on your age) may have never even seen one of these before - it was a phone book. GASP!

Who knew phone books were still being printed? Not this guy. Isn't Google the new phone book? Have you ever heard anyone say "I could listen to him sing the phone book" when talking about a singer? Well - the new saying is "I could listen to him sing Google."

Am I the only one that has no use whatsoever for a phone book? Do people use phone books for anything other than starting campfires? I won't be starting a fire with mine, but I will be recycling it. Save a tree(s) - stop printing phone books.

In 2014 a fellow coworker, Tree Riddle reviewed the 2014 edition of the phone book. You can check out the hilarious video below.

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