Say all the things you want to say to your beloved iPhone 6, because Apple is aiming to lay it to rest in September.

When I first saw this headline, I got really mad. I literally just finished paying off my iPhone 6 this week and now they're going to stop supporting it? Luckily for me, I have a 6s, not just a 6 and apparently, that makes a difference.

According to USA Today, the iOS 13 update that hits in December will not be available for the iPhone 6. Some of you might be saying, "Big deal. I don't need the update." In some cases, that may be true. But I had an iPhone 4 I couldn't update for about two years and it becomes more and more of a pain in the ass as time goes on. Trust me. After a while, you won't be able to get any new apps because you'll need iOS 13 to run them, and some of your old ones will stop working as well.

Now that the 6 is out, it's only a matter of time before they decide to turn my 6s into a paperweight. They already damn near bricked it with that big update in 2018. Ever since then I get about 50% of the battery life I used to.

When this phone goes, so does the last generation of iPhones that you don't require the use of those stupid aux dongles. I'm really not looking forward to moving up to the 7. Plus, did I mention I just paid off this damn thing?

For those of you who aren't devastated by the news, the new update will enhance photo and video management and editing, and improve maps.

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