Since our co-worker Tim decided to post 90 pictures of his coffee cups yesterday, I took action and stole them yesterday after he left work.  In return, Tim (my bowling teammate mind you) decided to abscond with my bowling balls and shoes.  Big mistake Timmy, big mistake.

This is a flawed retaliation attempt for two reasons:

  1. By stealing my bowling balls, I will not be able to be the pinnacle of the sportsman that I am, thus hurting our teams chances at putting another mark in the 'win column.'
  2. I have also been forced to take a more aggressive approach in my actions to prove that I am serious about my demands.

Please take a moment to view the pictures below and realize how serious I am.

So Tim, at your request I will release one of the coffee cups to you for the safe return of my bowling balls.  This way, I can once again carry our team to victory this week.  Please know that these actions to ensure the win tonight should in no way be mistaken for weakness!  I still have 4 of the 5 in my possession and will not hesitate to harm them.  Good day.