Does your girlfriend or wife make you watch ‘Army Wives?’ If you’re feeling bad for yourself, please stop. At least she’s not making you watch ‘Teen Mom,’ which is chock full of underage girls dealing with baby mama drama. Could there be a worse scenario? We can’t think of one. And if she is, time to cut ties.

Lucky for us, the cast of ‘Army Wives,’ is overflowing with cougar-y eye candy. Kim Delaney is 53-year-old knockout (with a definite wild side) who plays Claudia Joy Holden. Catherine Bell is an exotic breed, her mom being Iranian and her dad being Scottish, portrays Denise Sherwood on the show. Then there’s Yale-educated, classically trained ballerina who is drop dead gorgeous– Sally Pressman. She plays Roxy Leblanc.

Brigid Brannagh is a cute as a button redhead and plays Pamela Moran. Her character just so happened to give birth on a pool table in a bar. Then there’s the HBIC of the  ’Army Wives,’ cast, Wendy Davis. She has a killer athletic body build, which is perfect as she portrays Colonel Joan Burton on the show.

If these are the ladies that marry a man in uniform, we might consider enlisting in the armed services. Kidding, we are total wussies.


Brigid Brannagh

Catherine Bell

Kim Delaney

Sally Pressman

Wendy Davis