A 3 month old baby was recently hospitalized after being found with multiple injuries including a fractured skull and ribs and super glue around his mouth.

I don't care what you say, the parents are to blame regardless if they were the ones that caused this little baby's injuries. According to reports, the mother leaves the baby for long periods at a time with a sitter. When the boy was discovered with his injuries, he was being "taken care of" by another child.

It's said that the mother was called after the baby was taken to the hospital and she said  she would go there but she never showed up.

This scumbag mother doesn't deserve to have children yet, she has multiple kids (of course). More than likely they'll grow up to follow in the same footsteps...so sad. No word as to where the father is or if he's even in the picture.

This horrific incident took place in Arkansas.

Source: Fox13

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