Last night at the Banana Bad Golfers League, a huge rain storm popped up and drove everyone inside. Naturally, with $1 beers and too much time on our hands, the golfers started coming up with ways to pass the time.

At first, most of the golfers just dried off and started to hang out. After a few minutes, some dart games started happening. A little after that, a live band took to the stage. Finally, we realized we wouldn't be golfing as the rain was still coming down hard. However, no one was quite ready to leave. Dares and challenges began to come from every angle. I know at one point, the bounty for doing a face first slide down the hill of the executive would've earned you three cheeseburgers, five beers, and a shot. Sadly, no one took that bet.

There was one bet caught on tape though. About eight of us decided to each take a turn tossing a ball at one of the pins on the practice putting green. The loser was the one that was farthest away from that pin. The punishment was that you had to go out in the crazy downpour and pick up all the balls. Simple enough. Luckily for the loser (who will remain nameless) the rain started to slow and the punishment wasn't too bad. However, while taking his punishment, he gave everyone what the wanted. You can see that in the glorious video below thanks to MacKenzie.