Congratulations to Patrick Welch of Flint who won our 'Buckcherry Craziest Fan' contest. Patrick joined me in the studio today to help me interview the band and watch the guys perform unplugged.

As you can see in the video below from Buckcherry, we spent some time in the studio with the band prior to going live with their acoustic performance and interview.

Josh Todd and guitarist Stevie D started out with an awesome new song called 'Radio Song' from their new album 'Warpaint.'

I talked with the band for a few minutes before passing the mic over to Patrick so he could ask his question. He mentioned that he had been 10 months sober and asked Josh how he was able to stay sober while touring and being in and out of clubs all the time? The response took the interview to a whole new level. Check it out below.

Buckcherry performs at The Machine Shop tonight.

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