The Dark Knight will go back to his early days in the next installment of the 'Batman: Arkham' series of video games. See him throw down with Deathstroke in the kick ass new trailer for 'Arkham Origins' here.

As someone who came late to the table on the Arkham games (I am, literally, just wrapping up achievements on 'Arkham City,' which I started immediately after playing 'Asylum'), I'm super stoked that a new game -- 'Batman: Arkham Origins' -- is just a handful of months away. There have been questions as to whether this game would be as good as the rest of the series because A.) It's a prequel, previously described as a "Year Two" type of story, which made assume several major baddies would be absent B.) A different company has taken over the production and C.) Longtime Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy was said not to be involved this time out.

Luckily, both points A and C have been proven false, as the latter was confirmed by Conroy himself and the former by the latest trailer and a series of info leaks about the new game. The story is said to take place on a particularly snowy Christmas Eve in Gotham (marking the first time in the series you'll be able to explore the full city), when Batman has a price on his head compliments of Black Mask. The Dark Knight is forced to go head to head with several deadly assassins including Deathstroke and Deadshot, who can both be seen in the action-packed new trailer (see below).

The appearance of both Joker and Bane have also been confirmed, but it is also rumored that Killer Croc and and Scarecrow will join the party. We'll probably find out for sure in the days approaching the October 25th release date.