Looks like soon you'll be able to stroll Battle Alley in Holly with a drink in hand.

Downtown Holly is making changes and plans to create a social district where people can roam around to freely eat and consume alcohol outside. If you ask me, this will be a great thing for Holly and an awesome option for people looking to get out and have a few drinks or food. The businesses on Battle Alley are hoping that this plan will become a long-term option and not just something that happens during the coronavirus pandemic.

Patrons can come to one of the eight restaurants or bars that serve alcohol, get their food, a sandwich or pizza, and then drink of choice and bring it to this common area at Battle Alley...We think it will be a slow go getting everybody back up to speed, so it’s really our goal to help them...But it will really be a good thing for everyone downtown. As we get people downtown, hopefully they will go into the other shops...said Village Manager Jerry Walker.

House Bill 5811 allows qualified businesses to sell alcohol for consumption off-premise until 2025. So far the village has eight of their downtown businesses that plan to participate. Battle Alley is between Saginaw and Broad Streets in downtown Holly.

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This will be great for all the businesses in the area that are struggling due to the pandemic. I will definitely make a trip to stroll the streets in Holly when this starts. Where else would you like to see social districts pop up? Fenton and Grand Blanc have some great spots and of course downtown Flint would be great!

Source: ABC 12


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