A Michigan woman is facing a lot of scrutiny after dressing as a Boston Marathon bombing victim for Halloween. Alicia Ann Lynch was not only fired over the costume, her and her family have received death threats and people even dug up nude photos of her and plastered them across the internet.

Lynch who posts as 'SomeSKANKinMI' posted the picture of herself on Instagram and Twitter. Since doing so, her Twitter account has been suspended. I have been unable to find out the company and or business that fired her.

The Bay City woman did talk to Buzzfeed, and had this to say:

"I myself have been through tragic events, I just handle mine differently because that is how I was taught to. I realize I was in the wrong with this and again, I am truly sorry. I wore a costume to work, with people that know me, and wouldn’t get offended by it. I had even ran the idea by a friend whom had his father in the marathon and he didn’t have an issue with it. What I did may have been wrong, but is it truly right to wish harm upon someone and say that you’re doing it for the victims? As being a part of a tragic event I never would ever wish what had happened to me upon someone else, as I can say most people wouldn’t wish death upon someone to ‘make it right."

What do you think about this?