Hunting season is upon us and some hunters have already taken to the woods for bear season.

While the official dates and times for the season vary around the state, the season began on Monday in the Upper Peninsula. On Thursday, certain areas of the Lower Peninsula will open their season and Sunday more areas begin the hunt. According to officials, over 7,000 licenses were available to hunters.

There are actually a lot more black bears in Michigan than I thought. The population is believed to be around 14,000 adult black bears. The majority of those, around 11,000, are roaming the Upper Peninsula while around 3,000 roam northern Michigan.

To find out more about the black bear hunting season and see the dates and locations of the season, check out the Michigan Department of Natural Resources here. Good luck to all the hunters out there and don't forget to download the Banana App to stay in touch while you are on the hunt.

Source: WNEM & MI DNR