It was just last month that we received word that Beck would be offering up three original tunes to the soundtrack of the new Playstation 3 video game ‘Sound Shapes,’ and not long after that that we got a preview of one of the cuts, titled ‘Cities.’ Now that ‘Sound Shapes’ is actually out, we have actual game play videos featuring all three tunes in their entirety, so check them out below.

Each cut moves to its own beat — ‘Cities’ is a jazzy, world music send-up, ‘Spiral Staircase’ is an ear-candy groover and ‘Touch the People’ is a glitchy, beat-driven electronica cut — but one thing all three have in common is the fact that it’s impossible to tell which sounds are actually in the song and which are part of game play. In other words, is that fun little chime a the result of Beck pushing a button on his synth or just because the eyeball-like character floated past the radio tower?

Regardless, these are three great Beck tracks that are built into the game so ingeniously that watching the below three videos will likely win you over immediately. They certainly won us over, and we don’t even have a Playstation 3.

Check Out Beck’s ‘Sound Shapes’ Song ‘Cities’

Check Out Beck’s ‘Sound Shapes’ Song ‘Spiral Staircase’

Check Out Beck’s ‘Sound Shapes’ Song ‘Touch the People’

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