Let's be honest here -- Christmas movies suck. They're predictable, they're cheesy and most of them are way too over-the-top with the feels. That's why I decided to make this list of Christmas movies that are so good that you can actually enjoy them outside of the holiday season as well.

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    This modernized (well, it was modern in the late 80s) retelling of 'A Christmas Carol' starring Bill Murray would be much better if it were made today, but it's still Bill Murray we're talking about. It's not his best outing and it's not a prefect movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it's better than most of the s--- you could be watching on Christmas.

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    Bad Santa

    Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a hard-drinking, womanizing criminal who takes gigs as a mall Santa with his little accomplice just to rob the joint. Somewhere along the way, the movie does manage to put you in the holiday spirit, without all the usual cheesy buls---. Plus, it's raunchy and funny -- two things you seldom get in a Christmas movie.

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    Until recently I forgot that this movie took place on Christmas. This is one of those that you (probably) could watch with the family and not be miserable the entire time. 'Gremlins' is actually a good movie on its own, without the Christmas stuff.

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    Christmas Vacation

    I almost couldn't decide which was better and this list almost ended in a tie. There is no questioning that this is the greatest Christmas movie of all time, but overall -- I'd rather watch the next one on the list. That being said, this movie is funny as hell and features so many quotable one-liners that it gets better upon repeat viewings.

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    Die Hard

    Yes, 'Die Hard' takes place on Christmas Eve. What kind of soul-less corporation has their office Christmas party on Christmas Eve and flies in your estranged husband without telling you... MTV? Probably, but Nakatomi does that s--- too. This is the best action movie of all time and if: Action > Christmas, then Die Hard > Christmas Vacation. Yipee ki-yay, motherf---ers!

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