Contributions by Chad Childers, Graham Hartmann, Joe DiVita, Lauryn Schaffner and  Philip Trapp

Another year and the rock world continues to evolve. 2019 has given us some stellar hits that have dominated the airwaves, fresh rocking riffs that helped establish new bands and a few underground gems that we may look at down the road as the start of some brilliant careers.

You'll also find some acts making their re-introduction into the music scene after extended hiatus or splits, and yes, there are even a few covers that have caught our ears. Put it all together and you've got a year in rock that ranks among the best in recent memory ... and it's still not over yet.

So head down to the gallery below as we look at the Best Rock Songs of 2019 .... So Far, and be sure to revisit this list throughout the remainder of the year as we'll continue to add as the standout jams keep coming. And check out all of the songs in the Spotify playlist below:

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