In 2019, we'll be celebrating The Machine Shop's 17-year anniversary. Like always it'll be a month-long celebration with some of the most kick-ass bands including Blue October.

The anniversary falls in March with Blue October performing on the 24th. Tickets will be  $29 and will go on sale Friday, November 16th at 10 am.

I can't stress enough how great Blue October is in concert, a must-see show. The band rolled through Flint back in April and performed a sold-out show. I was supposed to sit down in the studio with singer Justin Furstenfeld but I ended up getting really sick and had to cancel the interview. Hell, I was so sick I couldn't even go to the show. I was devastated because I'm a huge fan and was really excited to get the opportunity to have a one on one with one of my favorite singers. Hopefully, in March, I'll get that opportunity again.