Last week on September 16, two kayakers went missing while in the Upper Peninsula. Sadly, just a couple of days later, their bodies were found.

Kimberly Aiello of Troy and David Delegato of Shelby Township were kayaking in Lake Superior when they went missing. While kayaking, the two were dealing with some nasty gale-force gusts of up to 35 knots and waves building from 3 to 5 feet to as high as 7 feet. This is what officials say contributed to their death.

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According to WXYZ, the National Park Service, along with other federal and state agencies concluded their search and rescue operations Friday when the victims' bodies were recovered along the coast of Lake Superior.

Chief Ranger Joe Hughes:

I would like to thank all our agency partners that assisted us with the large and sustained emergency response in the face of severe overnight weather. Specifically, the United States Coast Guard aviation and water-borne assets who worked tirelessly to complete their mission in support of the National Park Service. Thank you.

There have been so many deaths reported this year in the Upper Peninsula. From people falling or jumping to their death from cliffs to people drowning like this unfortunate couple. I can't imagine these incidents are common in the UP? I don't remember hearing about things like this in years past.

I'm sure whatever happed to those two kayakers was an extremely terrifying experience that ultimately led to their death. Our hearts go out to their family and friends who must be devastated and in shock right now.

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