After bowling on the Banana Bad Bowlers league for 11 seasons, my game has not improved. I cannot believe how bad I still suck. My first week back went like this, gutter, gutter, gutter, strike, 4 pins, gutter,2 pins, gutter, strike, gutter, gutter.

I am guessing the main reason my game has not improved is drinks. I sometimes feel like I am at the bar, more than my lane. Sorry again to the team I am bowling against - I am out of control.

Year after year, season after season - fellow bowlers have tried to give me tips. It never helps or sticks with me. Here is a topper, the first year we ever did Banana Bad Bowlers, my team Foxy Strikezam, came in first place. How in the hell did that happen? I am guessing I contributed nothing to that victory.

Tonight is another round of the Banana Bad Bowlers League. I am not even going to say I will try harder, I know I won't. I will get more gutters than pins, my bar tab will be higher than my score(s), but I would not change it. Bowling nights rule thanks to all of you Bad Bowlers. As we celebrate 25 years of the Banana this year, I celebrate you.

Let's drink to that!