I think there are two victims here, the Hulkster and the poor woman he had sex with.

The New York Post is reporting that a sex tape starring the super star wrestler is being shopped around to porn distributors.  Hulk Hogan claims the tape was made without his knowledge. According to Contact Music the "wrestling match" was recorded about 5 years ago, and Hogan claims he does not remember the name of his co-star. Scandalous!

I can only imagine how many times he says "BROTHER" on the tape!  I wonder if he shouts the whole time? It is reported that the boa wearing wrestler is sporting quite the tan line, in the shape of a thong. Nice!  The Hulkster also says on tape "I started to work out again" as he takes his shirt off. Oh Brother -  I am going to barf now!

The only good thing about this tape is maybe it will prove once and for all that Hulk Hogan, ex wife Linda Hogan and daughter Brooke Hogan are not the same person.  Brother!