Who could have predicted the rise of digital cameras and the dawn of a new era in filmmaking? Who could have foreseen that a little horror movie, made by a couple of unknowns, would gross hundreds of millions of dollars, spawn legions of imitators, and change Hollywood forever?

Uh, Bruce Willis, apparently?

Check out this bit from The Making of Pulp Fiction, recently discovered by someone over on Reddit. In it, Willis, predicts, with eerie accuracy, how a movie exactly like The Blair Witch Project was coming along in the next five years (Pulp Fiction was released in 1994; Blair Witch in 1999.) and would become the coolest thing on the planet. Watch:

Here are his exact comments:

Some day in the next five years someone’s gonna take one of these and make a feature film with it. They almost did it with, uh, Bob Roberts. Some kid, some 17-year-old kid, is gonna make this killer, drop-dead, poorly lit video movie that is gonna be the hippest fing thing. And then there’s gonna be hundreds of them everywhere. And they’re gonna cost about... $60,000.

The Blair Witch Project’s reported budget: $60,000. Spoooooooky! Maybe Bruce Willis is a witch or something? Has he ever been seen hanging around in the woods in Maryland?

There’s no trickery here; it’s definitely Willis in 1994; he’s on the set of Pulp Fiction. Quentin Tarantino’s even the one behind the camera asking him questions. Willis suggests to Tarantino that he be the one to create this video movie that changes the world. That would have been something. He should have listened!

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