Bullet for My Valentine leave no body part un-rocked on "Omen," a new single the Welsh metalcore band issued on Friday (April 8) that's one of five fresh cuts collected on an upcoming deluxe edition of the group's latest album, their self-titled LP from last year.

"It's in your head / It's in your bones / It's in your heart / It's in your soul," lead vocalist Matthew Tuck seethes at the start of "Omen," a song that blazingly displays Bullet for My Valentine's practiced knack for cutthroat dynamics. The tune joins "Stitches" (initially a Japan-only bonus track), "No More Tears," "Step Out From the Inside" and "This Means War" to make 2021's Bullet for My Valentine an expanded 15-track effort.

Read the words to "Omen," followed by a machinelike lyric video for it, down below.

The deluxe edition of Bullet for My Valentine arrives on July 8; a vinyl release will follow on November 11. Fans can both pre-order the reissue and pre-save it on streaming services. BFMV's original singles released in 2021 were "Knives," "Parasite," Shatter" and "Rainbow Veins." The act will play Europe on a handful of music festival dates this summer.

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Bullet for My Valentine, "Omen" Lyrics

It's in your head, it's in your bones
It's in your heart, it's in your soul
Pushing the limits possessed by the spirits
You're losing control of yourself
Feel the resistance, forget your existence
In time, you'll get used to the taste
It's in your blood
It's breeding deep inside those bones
Now feel it breaking out
And tearing up your soul
Now you’re alive
Awake in your own paradise
Embrace this energy
And free yourself from misery
Time to breathe
These words have been spoken
You can't believe the lies of the omen
You'll never know if it's a dream or reality
Time to heal or demons will drag you down
Live for the moment, the future is broken
This focus you just can't repel
Minute by minute, you're pushed to the limit
And getting too close to the edge
Now you're alive
And need to feed this appetite
Now hear it screaming out
And burning up inside
Are you alive live are are you you alive
Embrace this energy
And free myself from misery

Bullet for My Valentine, "Omen"

Bullet for My Valentine Deluxe Edition Album Art + Track List

Spinefarm / Search and Destroy
Spinefarm / Search and Destroy

1. "Parasite"
2. "Knives"
3. "My Reverie"
4. "No Happy Ever After"
5. "Can't Escape the Waves"
6. "Bastards"
7. "Rainbow Veins"
8. "Shatter"
9. "Paralysed"
10. "Death by a Thousand Cuts "
11. "Omen"
12. "Stitches"
13. "No More Tears"
14. "Step Out From the Inside"
15. "This Means War"

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