The weather is starting to break and it's almost time to reclaim your yard.

As the weather gets nicer, people in Michigan will soon be back outside and fixing up the yard. As the cleaning begins, it does not take long to have a huge pile of broken branches, leaves, and other such stuff in the yard. Can you burn it all? Find out below.

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Most people in Michigan's biggest questions are whether or not they need a burn permit and what exactly they can burn in their yard. For the most part, the answers are pretty easy to find.

The first step you need to take in Michigan is to find out whether or not your city, township, or village has any particular fire ordinances. If the answer is no, per state law you can burn in an area with a population of fewer than 7,500 people and must be more than 1,400 feet from any incorporated city or village limit under EGLE air quality rules.

What am I allowed to burn in Michigan?

When it comes to the items you are allowed to burn, they are as follows?

  • Yard waste such as leaves, grass, limbs, brush, stumps, evergreen needles
  • You can also burn household materials as long as they do not contain the following:
    • plastic
    • rubber
    • foam
    • chemically treated wood
    • textiles
    • electronics
    • chemicals
    • hazardous materials

For details on burn permits, open burning, agricultural burning, and more, click here. With all that said, let the bonfire season begin!!!


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