Firefighters in Burton are asking for YOUR help.

The following was posted on the NextDoor app and then shared on the Burton City Chat Facebook page:
Hi neighbors, this is assistant fire chief Mike Vogt, fire investigator from the fire department.

The City of Burton fire department is requesting any video residents may have and want to share fromo 8/24/2020 between 10 AM and 11 AM that shows any vehicles or persons on E. Parkwood Ave. at or near Homestead Dr.

This is in connection to a suspicious house fire in the area. If you can help, please share any information by emailing

Ironically, the Burton fire department held training on the same day, according to their Facebook page:

Today’s AM training consisted of SCBA Confidence, Following the Hose Line, and MAYDAY with all 3 stations.

Asst. Chief Mike Vogt was the instructor for today’s training. The Asst. Chief had firefighter’s practice following the hose line with only using your hands for guidance, along with practicing MAYDAY calls.

Our masks had Press n Seal on them and Nomex hoods over top of them to recreate a realistic scenario that we would encounter in a fire. We almost always have zero visibility inside a fire and have to rely on touch to guide us!

We don't have much information about the fire, other than the fact that it's been labeled as "suspicious." If you have any video that could help, please contact Fire Chief Mike Vogt at the email above.

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