Giving back is what it's all about. Helping our neighbors when they need it seems to be the motto of the day, and Café Rhema is doing both in a big way. We call them local heroes, but the team at Café Rhema considers what they're doing as supporting those putting their lives on the line to save others.

Café Rhema, located in downtown Flint, is delivering boxed lunches to the most impacted doctors and nurses at the major Flint area hospitals each day. Most working in the medical field will tell you the gesture is incredible. “You can tell they are tired, they are exhausted, they are working around the clock, and they’re just like 'we’re not picky...whatever you want to bring'," says Sean Murray, Co-Owner of Café Rhema

They began a GoFund Me page to assist with their goal of taking care of those taking care of us. They have set out to deliver 60 meals a day to Hurley, Ascension-Genesys, and McLaren while their funds lasted. Café Rhema is also providing free coffee to each day.

Since they started, they have raised $30,000 of the funds $50,000 original goal. That amount has allowed them to now expand their donation area to cover mid-Michigan with contributions to the fund growing each day. Small business and churches in the community have pitched in with support and donations as well.

Please consider adding to the love by donating here.

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