The culinary landscape and eating habits of California and Michigan are about as far apart as they come. So what would happen if Californians were to try some signature Michigan dishes?

Based solely on conversations I've had with friends who've lived in California, I know that they have a lot more options for foods -- both terrible and healthy -- than we do here in "The Mitten." When I think of California food, I envision kale and avocado on everything... probably not the most accurate portrayal of their cuisine, but it's about as accurate as the misconceptions they have about our food. It's amusing to hear some of their thoughts on our food and state in general. It's also funny that the bro dudes were the only ones in the video loved everything they tried.

Maybe I'm sheltered, but what the hell pannukakku? Where is that dish popular... the U.P.? I've never even heard of it before. Coneys, on the other hand, I am well-versed in. It appears that they're trying Flint-style coneys (with cheese?) in the video... suck it, Detroit. They must've realized that anyone in America can get a "Detroit-style coney" at 7-11.