Do you have one of "those" Michigan neighbors who never cut their grass and everything is overgrown and unsightly?

Can you legally take it upon yourself to mow their grass for them without permission?

Late last year, someone posted on the Nexdoor neighborhood app complaining about someone coming over and cutting his grass without permission. This particular person was upset (rightfully so) because they mowed an area where he was trying to grow wildflowers.

Nextdoor App User:

Dear neighbor, who thought it was okay to mow the yard I am trying to grow wildflowers in. Congrats, you are on my camera. With private property laws, you must ask permission before entering someone's property. Much less using a mower on it.


No matter what you see and what you don't like, you have zero right to enter my property without permission. That is a crime that you committed on my property.


Can You Legally Mow Your Neighbor's Lawn Without Permission in Michigan?

As much as you may want to mow your neighbor's unsightly yard, without their permission, you can't. You may have the best intentions in the world but if they didn't give you permission, it's considered trespassing.

Trespassing on someone else's property without permission can lead to legal issues or disputes.

Keep in mind that property laws and regulations may vary in different municipalities, so it's always a good idea to check with your local authorities if you have any concerns about property-related activities.


I used to have a neighbor that never cut their grass and it looked awful. Thankfully, I live in a neighborhood with a homeowner's association. This allowed me to stay out of it and not be the bad guy as they were the ones who would handle the situation.

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