The Machine Shop 20 year anniversary month kicked off last night with an awesome show from Crash Test Dummies. Thanks to all of you that came out to celebrate. If you were not able to make it, there are plenty of shows you can still be a part of throughout March, and well into spring and summer.

In honor of the Shop's 20 year anniversary, throughout the month of March, I will be showcasing your Machine Shop fan photos. To date, I have put together two fan photo galleries (see below if you missed them) and have a new one ready for you to check out today.

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If you have already submitted a photo and do not see it in the new gallery below, no worries. I have a lot more pictures to post. If you have yet to submit a picture, you still can.

I am looking for pictures of you and your friends at The Machine Shop, or you with one of your favorite bands. You can email your photo to me, maggie@banana1015, send it via Banana Facebook messenger or my Facebook page.

If you remember the exact show you were at in your picture, and the year it was taken, please include that information. Please also include the names of everyone in the photo with you.

I can't thank you enough for making this feature so awesome. Enjoy the newest gallery below, and I will post another one tomorrow.

20 Years Of The Machine Shop Gallery 3

Celebrating 20 Years Of The Machine Shop Gallery 2

Celebrating 20 Years Of The Machine Shop

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