New week, new pictures.

I cannot thank you enough for sharing all of your awesome Machine Shop fan photos with me for these galleries. As long as you are sending in pictures, we will continue to share them in honor of The Machine Shop's 20 year anniversary this month.

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If you have not yet sent in a photo of you, you and your friends, or one of you and your favorite band - send it now. You can email your photo to me, maggie@banana1015, send it via Banana Facebook messenger or my Facebook page.

It is important that you send your picture. If you post your picture anywhere else, it may be missed. Please include the names of anyone pictured with you. Also, if you remember what show the picture was taken at and the year - please include that information too.

One of many cool things about The Machine Shop is how often bands come out to meet fans after they perform. Sure, there are meet and greets available, but the fact that so many bands just want to come out and hang after their show says a lot about The Machine Shop and you as a fan.

It is so cool to see so many photos submitted of people with their favorite bands or band member. Where else can you belly up to the bar and have a shot with Neal Middleton and Taylor Richards from Royal Bliss or Lajon Witherspoon and Morgan Rose from Sevendust?

I look forward to seeing you at one of the many upcoming shows this month to celebrate including this weekend,

  • Friday, March 11th - Avalon Black, Frame 42, and PlainView
  • Saturday, March 12th - Purple Madness, America's #1 Prince Experience

For a list of all upcoming shows at The Machine Shop, click here. Enjoy the new gallery below, and send me your picture soon.

Machine Shop Fan Photos Gallery 6

20 Years Of The Machine Shop Gallery 5

20 Years Of The Machine Shop Gallery 4

20 Years Of The Machine Shop Gallery 3

Celebrating 20 Years Of The Machine Shop Gallery 2

Celebrating 20 Years Of The Machine Shop

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