The thought of tick bites grosses me out and they are on the rise in Michigan which really freaks me out. I'm even more freaked at the thought of not being able to eat red meat because of a certain tick bite.

According to WDIV,  Ticks are on the move in Michigan, even showing up in our backyards. While Lyme disease is on the No. 1 tick concern, there's also another threat that experts said is on the rise. It's a rare allergy to meat triggered by a nasty little tick.

The woman who's featured in the video above was bitten by a tick and two hours later she was allergic to red meat. That would totally suck for a meat lover like myself. Some of the allergic reactions to tick bites can be so severe it can cause death.

The type of tick that causes the allergic reaction to meat is called lone star tick because of the Texas-shaped markings on its back. These ticks are a bit rarer in Michigan but they are here and there's no cure if you're bitten and you end up with the red meat allergy.

At the end of the day, ticks suck.

Source: WDIV 

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