Strange Daze Tattoos and Banana 101.5 are teaming up to send one horribly tattooed person to Knot Fest and up to $300 in new ink to cover that turd. We've received a decent amount of submissions thus far and figured you would these terrible tats as much as we do, so here you go.

Getting ink is always a dicey situation. It's not a decision you want to make on a whim and you should always choose your artist and tattoo wisely. Apparently, That is not what our first wave of contestants for Knot Your Best Tattoo did.

If you have a tattoo that's worse than the ones in the gallery below, make sure to enter and you could be the big winner! Just make sure it is a good photo of your crappy tattoo -- no one will vote for you if they can tell just how terrible your ink is.

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