During an episode of Steve-O's 'Wild Ride' podcast, wrestling superstar/rockstar Chris Jericho gave a nice little shout out to us here at Banana 101.5.

During the podcast which you can listen to below, Chris Jericho and Steve-O were talking about the importance of radio for Jericho's band Fozzy and how radio is still alive and doing very well today.

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Jericho was saying that radio is still super important, which was kind of surprising to him. He said he didn't realize how important it was until radio stations around the country started playing his band Fozzy. While mentioning some markets that had great stations, he gave a quick shout out to Flint and the Banana. It was just a quick little mention of the station but it really meant a lot to us because he recognizes the importance of what we do every day and how bands really do benefit from radio airplay.

Chris Jericho:

When you get played on those stations it really builds up your band. It's very important to get on the radio to get to that next level. I never realized it until we started getting on the radio. When we got on the radio we started getting bigger crowds and bigger offers to play with other bands and all that sort of stuff.


The clip where he mentions Flint and the Banana can be heard around the 12:30 mark in the video.

On a side note, Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy are set to return to Flint on September 18 when they perform a sold-out concert at The Machine Shop.

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