In the midst of all of the crazy snow during Snowmageddon 2016 yesterday, a lot of preparations had to be taken in our building. To make sure that all of the air staff were going to be able to make it into work, the company vehicles were assigned to some of my co-workers. So I had to make a choice on how to brave the blizzard. 

Knowing that my p.o.s. car would not have made it home, or even up my driveway, I decided to spend the night in the radio station building. As I live 30 minutes away on a clear day, I couldn't risk not being able to make it in. This morning, I was on call to go pick up certain co-workers if they couldn't get there vehicles on the road. The Banana Truck is a 4X4 beast that will get through anything.

Having decided to stay the night, I had to find ways to pass the time so I wouldn't lose my mind. Here is what happened between the time I dropped Maggie off at home last night and picked her up this morning.

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