Sylvia Jo's Wagon Wheel has had its doors closed to the public for quite some time, but not anymore -- because the doors don't exist anymore. 

Once upon a time, the Wagon Wheel was one of the only country-themed bars in Flint (if not the only one). However, once GM pulled out of town the countdown clock began ticking for just about every local bar. Some are still managing to hold on and have found other ways to bring in clientele, the Wagon Wheel was not one of those bars.

Once named the Wagon Wheel Tavern, the country-western bar was purchased by local country music legend Sylvia Jo Burrow and husband in 1989 and its name was changed to Sylvia Jo's Wagon Wheel. Sylvia Jo passed in mid-2012, which is around the same time the Wagon Wheel closed for good. The closed bar remained at the corner of Center and Richfield for until today, when it was knocked to the ground.

And so it goes, Flint says goodbye to another piece of its history. Another casualty of a deeply damaged economy which is still struggling to find its second life in the shadow of its General Motors-fueled heyday.